Thursday, March 5, 2009

Russell Peck Missing

Even though this happened Sunday, I only was made aware of it today. Composer Russell Peck has been missing for 5 days. The worst is feared as the weather has been extremely bad in the area. Russell Peck has written for the Saxophone including Drastic Measures for Saxophone Quartet, and The Upward Stream for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra.

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According to Cliff Leaman on the NASA Forums Russell Peck body has found. I for one mourn his loss.


Still not officially confirmed but its is strongly believed to be Russell Peck who was found.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Buescher Promotional Ad featuring Sigurd Rascher

While poking around YouTube I ran across this recently posted promotional film from the Buescher Saxophone company. According to the info on the video page it dates from the 1950's. In addition to Sigurd Rascher, it would appear to feature a very, very young Carina Rasher! It's like seeing his method books come to life. I'm pretty blown away with his quality of tone, and mastery of the altissimo register. The video is broken into 3 parts and totals about 27 minutes. Unfortunately embedding was disabled by the poster so you will just have to click through.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Monday, February 23, 2009

NASA in Albuquerque

Right now I'm getting ready for day two of the North American Saxophone Alliance, Region II Conference at the University of New Mexico. I'll keep this short since I need to head down to the lobby to grab some of the free breakfast. So far this has been a very successful conference, while the attendance seem a bit low, those who came are attending all the events. Arizona State University is making a very strong showing, and I really enjoyed Tom Lileys lecture on Larry Teal and Cecil Leeson. I'll report back on the rest (and in more detail) when I get back home and have some time. You can find the full schedule and program on this page.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something for Sunday

This is one of my favorite YouTube saxophone videos. The more times I watch it the more I realize this is what more "Classical" Saxophonists need to incorporate into their repertoire. Enjoy!

Nobuya Sugawa plays Beauty and the Beast medley.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Get your free Ricos

I haven't seen any accurate polls of what brand of reeds are used most often, but I would have to guess that by a gigantic margin, Vandoren is the number one brand. Apparently Rico (aka D'ddario) trying to do something to change that by giving away a free box for some of your old reeds. They say that they will take "new or used" reeds, but really... who in their right mind is going to send brand new reeds? I've tried different brands of reeds over the years and nothing comes close to a Vandoren in my opinion. There is just something about the cane that isn't matched by others. That being said I've already headed over to and printed out the form to get my free Box! You have to print out your code before April 6, and mail it in before April 16th so get movin!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

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Saxophone Dominates MTNA Nationals

The finalists for the 2008-2009 MTNA National Competition finalists have been announced and it's a big win for the Saxophone. In the Young Artist National Finals, 5 out of 7 finalists are Saxophonists. In the Chamber Music National Finals 4 out of 7 are Saxophone Quartets. In the Senior and Junior divisions the Flute is King (or Queen), with 5 of 7 finalists in each competition. In my opinion this speaks to the excellent Middle School, and High School education that many flutists receive. Perhaps it is that young Saxophonists don't start to focus on solo competition repertoire until college. Whatever the reason there is a lot of ground to make up for the saxophone to catch up to the flute in grade 6-12. The National Competition will be held March 28 - April 1 2009 in Atlanta Georgia. Good Luck to all!


Hi-Def Saxophone Quartet
Univeristy of Illinois,
Debra Richtmeyer - Coach
Noa Even, Soprano Saxophone
Dave Tribley, Alto Saxophone
Collin Wilson, Tenor Saxophone
Phil Pierick, Baritone Saxophone

Red line Saxophone Quartet
Eastman School of Music, Chien-Kwan Lin - Coach
Doug O’Connor, Soprano Saxophone
Brandon Kies, Alto Saxophone
Gai Qun, Tenor Saxophone
Quinn Lewis, Baritone Saxophone

Sinombre Piano Trio
University of Oregon, Claire Wachter/Dean Kramer - Coaches
Ben Corbin, Piano
Han Jun Lee, Violin
Talia Lindsley, Cello

North Texas Saxophone Quartet
University of North Texas, Eric Nestler - Coach
Joey Resendez, Soprano Saxophone
Chris Dickhaus, Alto Saxophone
Doug Stone, Tenor Saxophone
Sarah Roberts, Baritone Saxophone

Krang Quartet
University of Southern Mississippi, Lawrence Gwozdz- Coach
Ryan Raziano, Soprano Saxophone
Thomas Giles, Alto Saxophone
David Wozniak, Tenor Saxophone
Noah Madison, Baritone Saxophone

Arizona Graduate Winds
University of Arizona, William Dietz - Coach
Erica Schiller, Flute
Devin Gardner, Oboe
Lisa Kachouee, Clarinet
Jason Souliere, Bassoon
J. Miller, Horn

Honors Fetter
Washburn University, Larisa Elisha - Coach
William Darst, Violin
Carlos Cabezas, Violin
Manuel Tabora, Viola
Samuel Cho, Cello


Noa Even - Saxophone - Debra Richtmeyer - Teacher

Quinn Elliott Lewis - Saxophone - Chien-Kwan Lin - Teacher

Daniel M. Goodrich - Saxophone - Fred Winkler - Teacher

Won Lee - Flute - Marianne Gedigian - Teacher

Wonkak Kim - Clarinet - Frank Kowalsky - Teacher

Derek Granger - Saxophone - Timothy McAllister - Teacher

John Cummins - Saxophone - Eugene Rousseau - Teacher

Full Results


Jennifer Zhou - Flute - Beth Owen - Teacher

Christi Rajnes - Flute - Beverly Rajnes - Teacher

Emily K. Potter - Flute - Sandy Duffy Norman - Teacher

Alicia Mielke - Flute - Marianne Gedigian - Teacher

James Moon - Clarinet - Kenneth Lee - Teacher

Marley Eder - Flute - Jim Walker - Teacher

Charlie Fiorillo - Saxophone - Jean Lansing - Teacher

Full Results


Christine Murphy - Flute - Hideko Amano - Teacher

David Kim - Clarinet - Ju Young Lee - Teacher

Zachary Kellogg - Flute - Bonnie Blanchard - Teacher

Grace Choe - Flute - Monica Song - Teacher

Edward Cai - Clarinet - Kenneth Lee - Teacher

Catherine Winters - Flute - Elizabeth Weissman - Teacher

Kathryn Woodward - Flute - Margaret Peterson - Teacher

Full Results

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