Friday, February 6, 2009

Get your free Ricos

I haven't seen any accurate polls of what brand of reeds are used most often, but I would have to guess that by a gigantic margin, Vandoren is the number one brand. Apparently Rico (aka D'ddario) trying to do something to change that by giving away a free box for some of your old reeds. They say that they will take "new or used" reeds, but really... who in their right mind is going to send brand new reeds? I've tried different brands of reeds over the years and nothing comes close to a Vandoren in my opinion. There is just something about the cane that isn't matched by others. That being said I've already headed over to and printed out the form to get my free Box! You have to print out your code before April 6, and mail it in before April 16th so get movin!

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