Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saxophone Repertoire Wiki

So I have a friend who plays Tuba, and my wife plays Flute, are there any pieces that were written for this combination with Saxophone? Normally one would turn to a Google search, or if you have a copy handy, the Comprehensive Guide to Saxophone Repertoire (formerly known as 150/125 years of Music for Saxophone). Such printed resources are obsolete as soon as they are published and their "comprehensive" nature is in doubt with the number of pieces being written by lesser known composers world-wide.

Enter the Internet.

With more people turning to Wikipedia than Encyclopedia Britannica, or Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians for their first search could a Wiki be the answer to a world of ever expanding repertoire? Bernard Savoie at thinks so, and has set up the Saxophone New Works Wiki. Right now he has 104 composers with info pages, and 1019 pieces entered. There are some pretty big holes; with Paul Creston, Bernhard Heiden, Alexander Glazunov, Eugene Bozza, and more missing it's far from comprehensive. We have only ourselves to blame for this state and I encourage everyone to head over and see if there is anything you can add to this listing. This is really the only way there could be a true cataloging of every work every written for saxophone. Now go Wiki!

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